Adjusting Color Cast

Adjustment Layers offer the best flexibility to make changes without touching the pixels in the original layer. Choose Layer > New Adjustment Layer and follow the instructions below.

  • Color Balance will target a color shift. If the image has too much blue then drag the slider toward yellow. Choose the highlights, midtones and shadow button areas accordingly.
  • Hue/Saturation makes color shifts overall when the Edit mode pop up box is set to Master. All colors will be included in the color shift depending on where the slider is dragged.
  • Hue/Saturation can change one color by picking the color from the Edit pop up box and then dragging the sliders. Then use an eyedropper to target a particular color area. The dark gray sliders between the Spectrum bar can also be adjusted to make gradual transitional color changes.
  • To constrain the color cast to a specific area for repair, first select it, feather it if needed, then make the color Layer Adjustment.
  • To the very right of the Adjustment Layer icon in the Layers palette is a small white window. This is a Layer Mask which will allow all or part of the Adjustment Layer to be hidden or revealed. White reveals and black conceals. Experiment by choosing the brush tool, set your foreground color to black and paint through the image area starting with 100% Opacity. This technique has many possibilities and serious play with it will make your work above the rest.