Using an image as a halftone dot

A grayscale image can be used to make a halftone dot pattern and it then can be applied to a photo.

  1. Choose the image that will have the halftone applied to it. A simple design works best.
  2. Reduce the image or selection area to make a "dot" the size desired for the final image. For example: an image that is 75 pixels wide would make 8 dots per inch for a 600 pixel wide image. Use Image > Image Size to change the entire image.
  3. Surround the small area with the Rectangle Selection Tool.
  4. Choose Edit > Define Pattern. Give it a name and press OK.
  5. Halftone the large image by choosing Image > Mode > Bitmap. (If the image is in color then first choose Image > Mode > Grayscale first).
  6. For Method, choose Custom Pattern and then choose the pattern that was saved earlier from the pop up menu in the Pattern Presets library.
  7. Enter an Output Resolution. The amount entered will determine how small the halftone dot will be in the final image. The higher the number, the more dots.