Make a TIFF file, CMYK, 300 dpi and no alpha channels

This information is mainly for high resolution images that were scanned or photographed with a digital camera with at least 6 mega-pixels at Fine or RAW settings.

Open the image in Photoshop and first look in the Channels Palette. Choose Window > Channels to open the palette then notice that only RGB and Red, Green and Blue are available. If any other channel is there then click on it, hold down on the mouse and drag to the trash. Next choose Image > Mode > CMYK Color.

After that choose Image > Image Size and in the dialog box make sure that Resample Image is NOT checked. Then change your Resolution box to 300 DPI. Then click OK.

(For future reference you would usually leave the Resample Image box checked and make changes to upsample (enlarge) or downsample (reduce) your image size.)

Next go to Layer > Flatten Image and choose it if it's available. If it's not available don't worry since you don't have layers on this image. Next go to File> Save As and save your image (preferably with another name) in another folder then the original image so that you have a separate copy of the TIFF file. In the Save As dialog box be sure to choose the TIFF format from the drop down menu.

There's no need for Image Compression. However, compression will save the file to a smaller size. If sending the image by email you may want to check Image Compression.

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