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The Adobe Photoshop Creative Team evaluation of Photoshop Encyclopedia appraised it as a notable resource for users that want more Photoshop understanding. Adobe Photoshop Marketing Manager Gwyn Weisberg said that the Photoshop Encyclopedia is an “impressive list and awesome effort. Many users must be very grateful for this resource."

Photo Marketing Association supports Photoshop education. To help users keep up-to-date on emerging technologies and learn Photoshop the worldwide organization now offers the Photoshop Encyclopedia on its digital imaging website.
Photoshop Encyclopedia Has Answers

What's the distinction between Clipping Layers, Clipping Groups and Clipping Paths? Are Layer Stamps and Layer Sets confusing? What does Scratch Size mean? Photoshop Encyclopedia will help you comprehend this new language. (Answers to questions)

Photoshop Encyclopedia contains 396 pages, numerous hyperlinks and cross-references of over 1400 Photoshop and digital photography terms.

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Photoshop Encyclopedia is a Great Learning Tool !
  • Simple brief explanations to help you understand Photoshop vocabulary
  • Contains almost 400 pages of over 1400 Photoshop terms
  • Extensive cross referencing by association
  • Hyperlinks and bookmarks for faster searching
  • Includes Photoshop Elements terminology
  • Quick alphabetical references to virtually all of Photoshop’s terminology
  • Comprehensive - it acts as an adjunct to the text manuals
  • Richly illustrated for better comprehension and interest
  • Tips and techniques to help you become proficient
Photoshop Crosswords

A great companion to Photoshop Encyclopedia.