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5. After pasting the splash into the landscape the foot might be behind the drip circle. Make sure that the splash is above the drip circle in the layers palette. If it isnÕt then drag the splash layer up and unto the drip circle to switch the two. In other words the the layer that is more on top is revealed.
6. A layer mask applied over the foot can also be used to make the foot look as if it is inside the drip circle. To do this chooseLayer>Layer Mask>Reveal All and then use a soft brush set to foreground color black to stroke away the area of the foot not wanted. Vary the opacity of the soft brush will increase the effect. If too much area is taken out then toggle back to the white foreground either by pressing the X key or clicking the curved double-sided arrow in the foreground/background color toolbox area and then brush the area back into view. If desired, when complete, drag the Layer Mask to the trash and apply the effect.
7. The water splash and the clouds are blended by using the Clone tool with a soft brush and Sample Merged checked in order for both layers to have the effect. Normal touching up (telephone pole shadow, etc.) and color balance completes the project. You may also like to duplicate the splash layer and rotate it so that a reflection is in the water. Adjust the opacity and blending modes to give a sense of realism.

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