Photoshop Selections and Layers Tutorial

Below is the short version of the tutorial.

Go to the longer, step-by-step tutorial page if you would like more detailed instructions on how to make this image.

1. Magic Wand tool set at 32.
2. Open the girl.jpg image. Select the entire blue background and flooring around and in-between the girl while holding the shift key.
3. Choose Select/Inverse to reverse your selection from the background to the girl.
4. Choose Edit/Copy to the clipboard.
5. Open the window.jpg image.
6. With Magic Wand set at 32 click inside the open window area.
7. Select Edit/Paste Into to put the girl inside the selection area.
8. This creates a new layer above the background layer.
9. With the move Tool adjust the girl in the window so that her torso shows only.
10. Chose the background layer again.
11. With the rectangular Marquee tool drag a selection area in the two areas of the glass window. Be sure to hold the Shift key down when selecting the second selection.
12. Choose Edit/Paste Into again and another layer of the girl is created in your latest selection.
13. Using the Move Tool adjust the girl so that it matches with the other layer.
14. Make sure that the most recent layer you created is active and go to the Opacity setting and set it to 50%.

For extra credit paint the bulbs different colors (one way is to use a paint brush in a Color Blending mode at about 70% opacity). You may also want to experiment with changing the red color of the window awning (one way is to select the awning with the Rectangle Selection tool and then choose Image > Adjustments > Replace Color. Then use the eyedroppers to isolate the red color before moving the Hue slider to change the color).

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